Krista Skehan

Creative Director + Artist

Meet the Artist

I am an unapologetic expressive. I paint because on an atomic level it energizes and stretches me.  It is the most fulfilling kind of hard work.  It brings up questions of talent, growth, longing and memories. When I feel something, I want to experience it in an artistic and expressive way.  I want to share that experience with people because I am inspired when that kind of out-pouring of love and life is shared with me.

I currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii with my husband Dan and two beautiful daughters Molly and Emily. I am the owner and creative director at Personify.

Commissions + Collaborations

I love working on commissions! Some of the most fulfilling work I have created is when I have the opportunity to get to know a family on a personal level and paint something they love. Their favorite vacation spot, a memory from their childhood or a special landscape. My process is collaborative and fun. I have also worked with interior designers to create artwork that works well for their clients home and color pallet they have created. My artwork has been on wine labels and even a pair of van shoes!