Frequently Asked Questions


YES! I love working on commissions. Collaborating with people on something special is one of my favorite things to do as an artist. It pushes me creatively but also allows me to add even more heart into my work. Sometimes my clients have no idea what they want, other times I’m working with an interior designer on a specific color pallet based on the fabric and furnishings in the room. My process begins with a email or phone call 650.906.2924. From there we talk about subject, size, colors and timing. Typically I create an ipad sketch to get a sense of the composition and colors before I paint on the canvas. You can see more of my commission work here.

This will be ever-evolving and I’d be silly to limit myself to one thing as I live in constant inspiration.  I’m not sure I can put a finger on it but I’ll say at the moment, the ocean has me smitten. From the sky, the beach or on the water, I feel the energy the ocean provides and that comes through in my work. I tend to work with bright colors and typically always use a palette knife – the layering of color and mixing on the canvas is where I find my most present self and a ton of joy!

Painting provides a deeper dive into my own experience & vision as an artist; where as at Personify I’m creating based on each client’s purpose and their company goals. The pure relationship between my brush, color and canvas are a direct outpouring of the work I’m doing on my soul. It’s a deeper relationship into me where as at Personify I’m pulling out my clients purpose and their companies goals. I love both and I have found through inquiry and growth as a creative person that I need the balance of both to ignite my passion and fuel my higher purpose.

Anywhere between one sitting to about 10 sittings… plus about 30 years. There is much more than time that goes into a painting. I absorb color, shape, texture, composition, inspiration everyday.

I have a startling persistence of connecting to visual aspects of life anywhere and everywhere. I see but I don’t stop there. I then go on & desire to know what I am seeing more completely (sometimes that’s by taking it apart and looking at all its component pieces, sometimes that’s by intuition – a feeling you get about what’s under the surface) – and then I make meaning out of those things. I dig my curiosity about the world and I do this with all things, not just painting, but with people and relationships and food, and all of it – all of that goes into my work.

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Depends on the size of the painting.

All paintings, prints and products are final sale. Please email for any questions.